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Nina Buitrago T-shirts

Image of Nina Buitrago T-shirts


Nina Buitrago ranks up there amongst the best people I have met in my lifetime. Its near impossible to relate just how fortunate I feel to have her as a friend, AND such a great part of T-1. But as one small token of gratitude, Terrible One will be offering a signature color Ruben frame in her honor once again. I had a concept for the art that I wanted to accompany it, and got together with another good friend of ours to help bring it to life. She is an amazing artist known as Mo Malone. Mo is a close friend of Nina’s, and she shreds the BMX as well ! The idea involved combining imagery of 2 Ancient Egyptian goddesses, Sekhmet and Isis. Sekhmet being the warrior goddess as well as a goddess of protection. And Isis being the goddess of magic, motherhood and healing to name a few. All which are traits of Nina I feel . . . She is one kind, and caring sorceress that will always have your back, and will do everything in her power to push for those things in life she cares deeply about. I can’t thank Mo enough for rolling all of that into such an amazing image that will be the head tube sticker on Nina’s frames, and also will available on t-shirts. Much love to both Nina and Mo !

* If you live somewhere outside of the United States, email for shipping rates.

** Local Pickup available at T-1, 6310 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752. Enter discount code 'localsonly' at checkout.


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