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Deep End Roast Cup & 1 lb. of Coffee Combo


This was originally just an idea to serve as a thank you to Shawn Rylander for being so great, and for helping out with T-1 artwork for the past number of years. I wanted to have a mug handmade, that would match the pool/bowl-like mug artwork on our Deep End Roast coffee bean label. That art is some of my favorite ever. I went looking for someone that could help and found just the right person. The mug they created was incredible, and the look on Shawn's face proved it when I gave it to him. He was so stoked, and asked me if we were going to be selling them. I told him it was a one off, just for him. And he encouraged me to reconsider. So I did... Last year, I had a few done that I had plans of selling, but ended up giving them away as presents to a few people. But now we have a handful of them up for sale. The majority of them have a light blue coloring on the outside of the mug, and there are a few that the outside matches the same light coloring as the inside. Features include: a roll in, permanent water stain, drain, and tile graphics... There is even coping-like lip at the top. These have all been handmade, one at at time, and each one slightly differs from the next. I hope you like these as much as I do, and we're very stoked to be able to offer these. Also included is a 1lb bag of our sacred beans! I'll see you in the Deep End!
- Joe

* If you live somewhere outside of the United States, email for shipping rates.

** Local Pickup available at T-1, 6310 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752. Enter discount code 'localsonly' at checkout.

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