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T-1 Monthly 2020 zine

Image of T-1 Monthly 2020 zine


"T-1 Monthly" was a little idea that I decided to persue last July. The goal was put together a simple fold out page, each month, that I could easily print out and include with orders. Photos, drawings, thoughts, stories, quotes, and anything else that came to mind. Come December of 2020, and it being the final month of the year, I wanted to put together all of the prior months (5), along with December's page into one zine. 6 months of total randomness. Since I never put out there that I was doing this, only the people that ordered from us in December ever got to see it. And since I have a few let, I figured I might as well put these up for grabs. The $2 price tag just covers the cost of printing them. Won't you take a chance, and enjoy.