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Ruben Alcantara T-shirts

Image of Ruben Alcantara T-shirts


Since the very beginning of T-1, art has always been a huge driving force for us. Having a platform to share our ideas with others visually, is something that I value very much. Today, I have the pleasure of sharing the art that our very own Joseph Frans drew up for the man himself, Ruben Alcantara. Much of the past T-1 imagery that’s been paired with both Ruben and Garrett, has centered around their love for the ocean. So in keeping with that, some ideas of Neptune (Roman god of the sea) and the trident he carries, started swirling around in my head. The trident, in particular, became the main focus. After talking to Joseph some about it, he was interested, and agreed to take a crack at it. Joseph is a swiss army knife of talent to say the least. And as much as I understand that, he never ceases to amaze me. I’m so very stoked that this is going on the the head tube sticker for Ruben’s signature frame, and a tshirt as well. Thank you Joseph, thank you Ruben !

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